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Filson - rugged quality for over 100 years

Born in 1850, C. C. Filson inherited his father's pioneer spirit and love of the outdoors. After homesteading in Nebraska and roaming the country as a railroad conductor, he moved to the small city of Seattle, Washington in the 1890's.

Filson's timing couldn't have been better. By 1897, the Great Klondike Gold Rush was on, and thousands of fortune hunters were stampeding into Seattle, headed north. Armed with a strong work ethic, a reputation for honesty, and several years' experience operating a small loggers' outfitting store, C. C. Filson was ready to stake his claim to fame.

"TO OUR CUSTOMERS: if a man is going North, he should come to us for his outfit, because we have obtained our ideas of what is best to wear in that country from the experience of the man from the North -- not merely one -- but hundreds of them. Our materials are the very best obtainable, for we know that the best is none too good and that quality is of vital importance. YOU CAN DEPEND ABSOLUTELY UPON OUR GOODS BOTH AS TO MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP."

C.C. Filson, 1914 Catalog

Filson- Tin Cloth Low Profile Cap (Might As Well...)

Style: 60060

Available Online
Dark Tan / Filson

A Tin Cloth tough, low profile and water-repellent cap

Size Large is not available until Mid August.

Dark Tan

Filson- Padded Computer Bag

Style: 70258

Available Online
Filson / 16-1/2" W x 14" H x &-1/2" D

Our padded laptop briefcase protects your laptop with high-density foam

Dark Tan Brown Otter Green

Filson- Tin Cloth Packer Coat

Style: 10001

Available Online
Dark Tan / Filson

Filson's toughest coats, for the toughest conditions.


Filson- Tin Cloth Packer Hat

Style: 60015

Available Online
Dark Tan / Filson

Paraffin treated for maximum water repellency

Dark Tan

Filson- Briefcase Computer Bag- Brown

Style: 11070257 (#70257)

Available Online
Brown / Filson / 16" W x 12-1/2" H x 6"D / 703060127747

This Rugged Twill briefcase has a reinforced base, interior dividers and an adjustable, removable Bridle Leather shoulder strap

Filson - Wool Heavyweight Jacket Liner Charcoal

Style: 11010036 (#10036)

Available Online
Charcoal / Filson / M-2x

A functional and versatile wear alone or zip-in jacket liner


Filson- Bridle Leather Belt 1-1/2" width

Style: 11063202 #63202

Available Online
Brown / Filson

A belt for dressing up or for heavy wear and tear

Brown (63202-BR)

Filson- Original Oil Finish Wax

Style: 69033

Available Online
Green/Silver / Filson / 3-3/4 Fl. Oz. / 703060000026

Reproofing wax for all your Filson oil finished garments

Filson- Double Mackinaw Cruiser

Style: 11010041 (#10041)

Available Online
Charcoal / Filson

Two layers of 24 oz. Mackinaw Wool protection in our Double Mackinaw Cruiser

Charcoal (10041-CH)

Filson-Travel Kit

Style: 70218

Available Online
Filson / 10" W x 6" H x 6" D

This rugged travel kit is the ultimate travel companion

Dark Tan Otter Green

Filson- Insulated Packer Hat

Style: 11060016 (#60016)

Available Online
Tan / Filson / M-L-XL-XXL

A rain-repellent, abrasion-resistant Tin Cloth hat with wool-lined earflaps and an insulated crown

Filson- Tin Cloth Wildfowl Cap

Style: 60063

Available Online

A tough wool-lined wildfowl hat for water-wind resistance while hunting

Dark Brown

Filson- Wool Cuffed Cap

Style: 60198

Available Online
  • Features a cuff that can be rolled up or pulled down
  • Navy Wool Cuff Cap Dark Green Wool Cuff Cap Black Wool Cuff Cap

    Filson- Wool Skull Cap

    Style: 60199

    Available Online
  • Absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without becoming clammy
  • Filson has updated this item the Black image is the current style.

    Navy Dark Green Black

    Filson- Rucksack

    Style: 70262

    Available Online
    Filson / 15" W x 17" H x 5" D

    Extremely durable, this water-repellent Rucksack takes a beating

    Dark Tan (70626-TN) Otter Green (70626-OT)

    Filson- Bridle Leather Belt 1-1/4" width

    Style: 11063203 (#63203)

    Available Online

    A belt for dressing up or for heavy wear and tear

    Brown (63203-BR)

    Filson- Single Tin Chaps-Regular

    Style: 11014021 (#14021)

    Available Online
    Dark Tan / Filson / Regular

    Chaps that offer protection from rain, mud, snow and briars


    Filson- Double Tin Chaps with Leg Zippers- Husky

    Style: 11014024 (#14024)

    Available Online
    Dark Tan / Filson / Husky

    Excellent Chaps that offer protection from rain, mud, snow and briars


    Filson- Mackinaw Field Pants

    Style: 11014010 (#14010)

    Available Online
    Charcoal / Filson

    Naturally water-repellent, insulating, 100% virgin wool straight leg pants


    Filson- Double Tin Pants, Oil Finish

    Style: 11014004 (#14004)

    Available Online
    Dark Tan / Filson

    The toughest of the tough-these pants won't let you down


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