Never had a pair of footwear that actually fit the “Squatch feet” I have. 11/7F. Did the drawings and measurements. Called in my order a month or so later. I now have the most heavenly sensation with every step. These things are awesome. I never want to take them off and they are work boots.

The double leather midsole and double layer uppers molds to your foot after a week or so and lots of leather honey. Truly a work of art I have never worn anything more comfortable.

Almost brought tears to my eyes when I walked in them and discovered my feet don’t hurt after 30 years of foot pain. I bought 6” smoke jumpers, I’m a stationary Engineer and never sit down. I’m also cheap and I can tell you the payment was a bit painful until I put them on my feet. I used to buy (other brands) and was in agony every step. I know folks that have had the same pair of White’s for 30 years. Really a no brainer, I’ll never buy anything else, well except the semi-dress I just ordered.


Once again I am impressed with and grateful of your customer service. Thank you.

Quick story: Recently there was a sale at Barebones Workwear in our region. Stopping by my local store in Roseville/Rocklin. I found that there was a training session being conducted for a new store about to open and they happened to be discussing White's Boots product line. Of course I was wearing my Smoke Jumpers that day! I had been working and welcomed the break to visit the store. In speaking with the store manager, Aaron, he suggested that I show the group my boots. They were welcome to inspecting my boots and the trainer used them as an example in his presentation of your products. I chimed in about the comfort and value of the boots. Also your great customer service. They were quite impressed with the quality of the rebuild. I told them that they should have the highest confidence in White's Boots and could trust that their Customer satisfaction would be second to none.

I just received notice of shipping for my Cowboy Boots. I am excited!

To the Craftsmen/women who kindly repaired my boots,

I just want to say many thanks for the truly excellent work that you did to rebuild a very old pair of White’s boots of mine. Your exacting work was immediately evident and reflects the quality of people that must work for White’s Boots, Inc.

I know you must head this often, but this type of care and attention to detail simply is not often found in most goods I use and buy these days. To find good chisels, well-balanced and of high quality steel, I must search out old Swedish chisels on eBay for they are simply not produced any longer. Yes, there are companies who make very high tech tools that make my life easier and there are companies that produce wonderful, durable camping tents and stoves, bit it takes time and much trial and error to find them. But White’s Boots has always been there for me ever since I was maybe 19 years old and spent more than a week’s paycheck to buy my first pair.

Putting on these extensively rebuilt boots and taking them for a walk in the woods with my dog the moment I got them back in the mailed reminded me of the break-in process I went through with my first pair. I walked maybe five of six blocks from the store before I turned around and went back to tell the clerk that I must surely have the wrong size. No, that is just part of the process, he reassured me. It was hard to believe then that they would come to fit like gloves for my feet as the old guys told me they would.

For the first week or so, I would put them on in the morning and work in them until lunch when I would change them out for a well-worn pair of hiking boots that I carried in my backpack. My fellow crew mates thought I was a bit crazy to have paid such money for a pair of boots that needed so much time to break in. but once they were broken in, I wore them and nothing else for the rest of the summer and into the fall. My crew mates’ boots wore out and they bought new ones that broke down, but my White’s help up nearly as good as new.

Eventually I did have them resoled (a few times) and then rebuilt, but this time, for this pair, the quality of the rebuild is much better. How many times does that happen these days, when I can say that the quality of workmanship is at least gas good, maybe even better, than before. Hardly ever.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that there are people out here who appreciate the time and effort you put in to repair and making the boots that you do.


I have received the steel toe boots and they fit fine. Thank you and your staff for once again for working with me to be correctly fitted with the best handmade work boots in the world.
I wore your boots for 40 years and fully intend to have pair on when I leave this world.

Thank you all very much


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