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About White's Boots

White's Boots Arch Ease™ Support

There's never been anything quite like it for all day comfort.

If your feet have ever suffered at the end of the day, you'll find new comfort in White's Boots. Why White's? The reason is generations old: uncommon workmanship and White's Boots Arch Ease™ design. A design that duplicates the natural contour of your foot.

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To appreciate this natural phenomenon, take a moment to sit down. Now cross your legs and relax. Notice the angle formed by your leg and foot. As customarily believed, it is not a right angle. Instead, your relaxed foot points slightly downward. In fact you can see your foot's relaxed angle detailed in our Arch EaseTM illustration. Observe the high heel and arch supporting the foot in its natural resting position. This critical heel placement affords generous arch support when positioned well under the weight-bearing bones of the leg. Setting the heel ahead also shortens the arch, adding dramatic strength.

Best of all, wearing a new pair of White's will allow you to feel the extra Arch Ease™ support missing from ordinary boots. Especially when you lift heavy objects or put pressure on your feet.

Now, at the end of a hard day your feet will feel good! And that's what White's Boots are all about.

Unique Boot Fit

Unique Boot Fit

Slip into each boot, fold tongue and lace snugly, following the procedure pictured. Then stand with full weight evenly distributed on both feet and check toe length. You should have 5/8" to 3/4" space between the end of your toes and the boot. The ball of your foot should be positioned at the ball of the boot. Note the loose leather over your toes. This will draw down considerably as the boots are worn.

Unique Boot Fit

The fit? Snug. Snug from the ball of your foot back through the heel. In fact, your entire foot may feel bandaged around the middle. It's normal. That's simply White's Boots Arch Ease™ design reducing foot fatigue while providing you with all-day comfort and support. Remember, due to the all-leather construction, White's Boots will shorten in length and widen as worn. Your boots will fit correctly if proper care was taken during your home measurement process. (Do not wear boots outside unless you are sure they fit as suggested. Soiled or scuffed boots cannot be returned.)

Boot Rebuild

Boot Rebuilding

One remarkable advantage of investing in White's Boots is that they are rebuildable. By eliminating synthetic material and fillers, White's all-leather construction enables worn-out boots to be returned to like-new condition.

Here are five reasons to have your White's, Hathorn Hi-line and Hathorn boots rebuilt at our factory:

  1. Investment: You'll receive years of service from your rebuilt boots, just as you would from a new pair of Whites, Hathorn Hi-line and Hathorn Boots.
  2. Quality Workmanship: The same craftsmanship goes into our rebuilt boots, making them as good as new.
  3. Quality Materials: Rebuilt Whites, Hathorn Hi-line and Hathorn are constructed from the same heavy duty materials as our new boots.
  4. Comfort: White's rebuilds your boots on the original last (mold) to maintain our legendary Arch Ease support.
  5. Price: Whites, Hathorn Hi-line and Hathorn maximum wear capability and irrefutable comfort combine to assure you the best dollar value in boot repair.

For a moderate cost we can reshape the arches and even replace worn-out insoles, midsoles, outsoles and heels. Toe leather can actually be replaced, too, when necessary. The only portion of the boot that cannot be rebuilt is the upper quarters.(See photo to right.) Quotation of repair costs can be made only upon boot inspection. White's master craftsman will do only the work required to return your boots to first-class condition.

Note: Unauthorized repair work done by anyone other than White's, will invalidate your boot warranty.

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