We ask you to bear in mind that we use only the best materials, employ the most skillfull shoe craftsmen and endeavor at all times to deal with you squarely. White's Shoes are widely acknowledged as the best built shoes for Woodsmen, Sportsmen, or General Workmen. Our most convincing advertisment is the patronage of the thousands of satisfied wearers who buy again and again. We are sure that with the reputation our shoes have established, we will enjoy good patronage from our customers.

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-Taken from a White's Catalog from the 1930's-



Style: Vintage

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Whites Boots proudly presents the new Otto White Vintage Boot line. Offered first in the series is an 8" lace up boot for work or just everyday wear, constructed of premium cowhide in 4 distinct colors, along with a full leather insole and midsole.

Black with Nickel Hardware Brown with Brass Hardware Red Dog with Brass Hardware Distressed with Brass Hardware
Composition Half Sole

The All-Leather Legend

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