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Each Hathorn boot is constructed from solid leather. Even Hathorn's shank is all-leather to eliminate the rust found with rigid, steel shank, substitutes. In fact, Hathorn provides twice the standard support and wear factor of ordinary boots. That's because every Hathorn work boot is handmade with rugged, double vamp leather construction.

Bullhide Lace Up Packer

Style: Bulhide Packer

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White's Boots

Now take that famous Lace-up Riding Packer design and give it a unique look and feel with specially processed bull-hide for that "pebbled" effect, and you've got a boot that's both functional and good-looking.

Lace Up Riding Packer

Style: Lace Up Riding Packer

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White's Boots

It's all there for rugged horsemen. An all-leather 10" lace-up riding boot that maximizes ankle support, balance, and grounding. Toe and heel design is a perfect match for the stirrup, while providing high arch support with underslung cowboy-cut heel.

Dress Lace Up Riding Packer

Style: Dress Lace Up Riding Packer

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White's Boots

Take all the advantages of the Lace-up Riding Packer, then add a stitched-in "toe-bug" design for that distinguished look, and you've got a dressy boot that gives a new meaning to the word "style".

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