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White's Boots Arch Ease™ Support

There's never been anything quite like it for all day comfort.

If your feet have ever suffered at the end of the day, you'll find new comfort in White's Boots. Why White's? The reason is generations old: uncommon workmanship and White's Boots Arch Ease™ design. A design that duplicates the natural contour of your foot.

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To appreciate this natural phenomenon, take a moment to sit down. Now cross your legs and relax. Notice the angle formed by your leg and foot. As customarily believed, it is not a right angle. Instead, your relaxed foot points slightly downward. In fact you can see your foot's relaxed angle detailed in our Arch EaseTM illustration. Observe the high heel and arch supporting the foot in its natural resting position. This critical heel placement affords generous arch support when positioned well under the weight-bearing bones of the leg. Setting the heel ahead also shortens the arch, adding dramatic strength.

Best of all, wearing a new pair of White's will allow you to feel the extra Arch Ease™ support missing from ordinary boots. Especially when you lift heavy objects or put pressure on your feet.

Now, at the end of a hard day your feet will feel good! And that's what White's Boots are all about.

Ladies Packers

Style: Lady Packer

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White's Boots

White's Boot Company built its century-old reputation by skilled bootmakers meticulously handcrafting one boot at a time from the finest materials available. These Lady Packers are nothing short of the testament to White's commitment to quality and value. Designed from the ground up using a new ladies combination last, the Ladies Packer provides the proper fit and support women need for their more sensitive feet. Featuring a leather shank, light single toe-box, and celastic counter, this boot adds up to all-day comfort for the active woman. Dress eyes and hooks, and a double ladies kiltie depict a look that is nothing less than stunning. Whether you're doing the boot-scootin' boogie on the dance floor or out for the day on your horse, White's Lady Packers will make you shine.

Western Sole (895WWPW) Single Leather Sole (895WWPW)
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Centennial Hiker

Style: Hiker

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White's Boots

Smooth out the roughest trails in a pair of handmade White's Centennial Hikers. Discover the joys of great outdoor adventures without fear of blisters and uncomfortable feet often associated with mass-produced and inferior footwear. Constructed with a lower arch support than other boot models, Centennial Hikers are form-fitted, with a padded collar and tongue to provide extra cushion for superb comfort. Individually handmade, White's Centennial Hikers are serious boots for the serious, and fun-loving outdoorsman.

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Portland Vibram (P) Stowe (S) Stockbridge (SB)

Centennial Walker

Style: Walker

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White's Boots

Remember your favorite pair of shoes that you wished would never wear out because they were so comfortable? Well, White's exclusively designed Centennial Walkers are a symphony in superb comfort, durability, and style. Exceptionally lightweight yet rugged, Centennial Walkers are a perfect companion at the office or on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Constructed with a lower arch support than other boot models, they feature a full leather lining, dress eyes, steel shank, celastic counter and toe box, and EVA midsole. These handmade shoes are completely re-buildable for years of extended life and value. In today's world of off-road vehicles and SUV's, Centennial Walkers have been dubbed the perfect SUF (Sport Utility Footwear).

Portland Vibram (P) Stowe (S) Stockbridge (SB)
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