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White's Boots Arch Ease™ Support

There's never been anything quite like it for all day comfort.

If your feet have ever suffered at the end of the day, you'll find new comfort in White's Boots. Why White's? The reason is generations old: uncommon workmanship and White's Boots Arch Ease™ design. A design that duplicates the natural contour of your foot.

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To appreciate this natural phenomenon, take a moment to sit down. Now cross your legs and relax. Notice the angle formed by your leg and foot. As customarily believed, it is not a right angle. Instead, your relaxed foot points slightly downward. In fact you can see your foot's relaxed angle detailed in our Arch EaseTM illustration. Observe the high heel and arch supporting the foot in its natural resting position. This critical heel placement affords generous arch support when positioned well under the weight-bearing bones of the leg. Setting the heel ahead also shortens the arch, adding dramatic strength.

Best of all, wearing a new pair of White's will allow you to feel the extra Arch Ease™ support missing from ordinary boots. Especially when you lift heavy objects or put pressure on your feet.

Now, at the end of a hard day your feet will feel good! And that's what White's Boots are all about.

Original Smoke Jumper

Style: Original Smoke Jumper

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White's Boots

This is the original Smoke Jumper that set the standard in the forest industry. It's been imitated by virtually every boot manufacturer in the world. But when it comes to the quality of materials and care in craftsmanship, there is absolutely no comparison. Its unsurpassed heritage has spread from wildland fire fighters to hunters, construction workers to truckers, and others who live in their boots and expect the very best. Hand-sewn, stitch-down construction provides the flexibility and comfort that cannot be achieved any other way. If you want the original boot that aced the test of time, this one's for you.

Leather Color will vary.

Black Smooth Leather Brown Smooth Leather Black Rough Out Leather Brown Rough Out Leather
Vibram Lug (V)

NFPA available only on 10" model of Black Smooth and Black Rough Out

Adding a Steel Toe or Celastic Toe will remove NFPA rating.

Womens Smoke Jumper

Style: Women's SmokeJumper

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White's Boots

Smoke Jumpers are a rare breed, men and women set apart by their unique and potentially dangerous occupation. It's second nature for a Smoke Jumper to give their all. White's understands the need to provide a top quality boot that increases protection and safety while offering comfort and practicality. The right boot is mandatory - for men and women. So White's is now building the Women's Original Smokejumper on a woman's last, featuring a narrow heel cup and available in women's sizes.

Black Brown Black Rough Out Brown Rough Out
Vibram Lug (V)

NFPA available only on 10" model Black Smooth and Black Rough Out

Adding Steel Toe or Celastic toe will remove NFPA rating.

Lace-to-Toe Smoke Jumper

Style: Lace-to-Toe

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White's Boots

Life or death. White's Smoke Jumpers have often made the difference. Firefighters and smokejumpers have long depended on White's Smoke Jumper boots to get them through the toughest conditions. Now available in a lace-to-toe design for firm ankle support and adjustment, plus a deep-tread Vibram® outsole for excellent traction. So if your job puts your life on the line, trust in a pair of White's Smoke Jumpers.

Black Brown Black Rough Out Brown Rough Out
Vibram Lug (V)

NFPA available only in on 10" models Black Smooth and Black Rough Out.

Adding Steel Toe will remove NFPA rating.

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