Many times, after a person has been involved in an automobile accident, the features of the vehicle that have been designed to keep the driver and their passengers safe become restrictive and can be life threatening. Seatbelt release mechanisms can become inoperable from excessive pressure, damage, etc. and car windows can become stuck in the up position as a result of electrical system failure, among other factors.

In circumstances such as submersing water, fire, smoke, traffic and other immediate threats, waiting for paramedics and/or rescue personnel to arrive on scene is not always an option,. It is for this reason that we’ve developed the Houdini AET.

Much like its big brother, the AET or "Automotive Escape Tool" features a U-shaped cutting blade designed for cutting seat belts, a spring loaded glass breaker, and a 5-lumen LED light. In addition to these features, the AET also contains a shrill signal whistle that is audible for up to ¼ mile. All of this has been efficiently fit into a keychain sized package. The AET attaches to a key ring via a blade safety cap, so that the AET is always in front of you in your steering column, ready to use, where you need it, when you need it!

We're proud to announce that the Houdini AET won the Academy of Excellence's 2009 Safety Product of the Year!

"Each year an innovative few set new standards of excellence through product design and service to the industry. This marks the 18th year that these outstanding achievements have been formally recognized by industry leaders who, together, form the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence."

Houdini- Pro

Style: 30200

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Spring-loaded tempered glass punch lets you safely exit your vehicle.


Quickly frees you, even when you’are upside down.


5-lumen lamp lights the way with approximately 10 hours of runtime.

Houdini- Key Chain Rescue Hook Tool

Style: 30100

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Be prepared for any situation by always having your Houdini™ near by. Make sure everyone in your family has one…it’s the keychain that could save your life!

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